Complete Mining Pool Solutions

We offer the best solutions for Miner Pool and Miner Software. We provide customer satisfaction oriented service with our stable, safe and open source miners software and mining pool site.

  • Web and Mobile compatible site.

  • Write with secure, transparent and stable codes.

  • Product technical support and setup.

Included Services

Usable and Nice UI

There are many functions for UI:

  • Graphs of Hashrate, Difficulty, Price, Found Blocks and moreover
  • Native Multilanguage Site(EN/TR/RU/IR)
  • Easy and usable Datatables
  • Estimated Reward Calculator for PPS pool
  • Clear and Secure API

Telegram Bots

We are designing telegram bots for specific duty.

  • Block Bot: When block found in pool, alert users.
  • Offline Bot: Sometimes Rigs can be offline. The bot send message that status.
  • Wallet Bot: This bot help to monitoring user's wallet statistics.
  • System Bot: Only administrator of pool can use the bot. Performance of pool, Payments, System of status etc. are shown by the Bot.

Compatible with Nicehash and Miningrigrentals

For Solo pools, System Compatible with Nicehash and Miningrigrentals. User can hire Hashpower for Solo Pools.