Smart Contracts Solutions

We provide smart contract validation services for a variety of industries including Fintech, Security and Real Estate. Our end to end solutions makes sure that smart contracts on Blockchain and may AI in the future, are not susceptible to attacks and hacks.

  • Using specific tools we audit the Smart Contracts.

  • We fix everything that needs to be fixed and the client reviews the changes.

  • We can get to know all of the vulnerabilities of the Smart Contract by simulating real hack attacks.

Included Services

ICO Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit for ICOs ensures that the functionality such as the soft cap, hard cap and so on remain unaffected after token-sale.

STO Smart Contract Audit

Security Tokens require a smart contract audit due to the compliance requirements that are embedded such as regulations for different jurisdictions.

Smart Contract Security Audit

It is important for smart contracts to be secure and our end to end smart contract security audit solution mitigates security threats on Decentralized Applications.